Most proud accomplishment to date

My homework from Scott Dismore’s (Live Your Legend) Day 4 Blog Challenge.

What is it?

That I am brave enough to walk my own path. To listen to what is calling from inside. Even if it may disappoint or upset those around me. That I continue to make myself happy and do what I love and am curious about.

Who were you with?

I was and am alone, however, I get help from mentors and advisors.

What were you doing?

The first time I did it was when choosing what course to study at university. There are more examples below.

What actions caused you to experience the success you did?

Research (of available courses).

Experimentation (work experience at a veterinary clinic and an interior decorators studio).

I kept it broad to prevent limiting the options.

Giving myself plenty of time to decide.

Listening to but not necessarily taking advice from those around me who I respected.

Allowing myself to change my mind along the way several times.

Finding mentors in the field who inspired me (Thank you Mr Arch)

I just did it, or started even though sometimes I was scared and unsure it was the right decision, or what exactly I was getting myself into.

I worked through the uncomfortable, the challenges, and the objections I sometimes received from those around me. (There was pressure from family and peers to do something useful for the family business.)

Other examples of when I was brave enough to walk my own path:

The second time was going to Japan, getting very sick and then choosing to stay in Japan. I was living my dream at the time and was very happy there. There was pressure from family to come back home to Australia.

Living where I want to live. Which is generally anywhere warm and therefore is usually away from family in South Australia. This suits my disease and allows me to be pain free most of the time which therefore contributes to my happiness.

Leaving a relationship I was not happy in. I needed to make myself happy. I knew I had changed and did not know how to fix it any other way at the time.

I’m about to do it again via a change of career or life direction. The change will bring more meaning to my life and what I do which will increase my happiness.

How did it feel?

It feels great. Once you get past the fear and any resistance there is relief, relaxation and a let go. It feels like me being my true self, it’s ecstasy. It feels right. Exhilarating and awesome.

Did it positively impact anyone else?

Yes. If I am happy I am spreading happiness. Leading by example.

There have been great friendships developed along the way and shared excitement.

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