Why you should write down and share your dreams

It creates excitement.

It makes you happy.

They are more likely to come true.

It can help you to prioritise and focus.

You may feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you finally achieve them.

You can share them. Sharing is a form of love. Your dreams may inspire others.

Sharing will help create connection with other people.

If you communicate your dreams with other people they may be able to help you achieve them.

Other people can cheer you on, and celebrate achievements with you.

People may hold you accountable and lift you up with encouragement when you feel like giving up on your dreams.

It will help you put aside time to think about and detail what it is you really want.

& your thoughts become things… (Mike Dooley)

Once your dreams are on paper they are out of your head and you have space to think about the next step which is action!

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