How to make someone say ‘I love you’ in less than a minute.

I recently discovered the “Zero to Travel” podcast which is worth checking out if you haven’t.

The episode I last listened to was about “Spreading Goodness While You Travel” but in particular Jason the host talked about being open, flexible and connecting more with locals while travelling.

I must have absorbed the information as on my walk tonight I smiled at an indigenous woman as I walked past her in the streets.  I had my earphones in and was walking rather briskly so apart from the smile, I wouldn’t have thought I was inviting conversation or any other sort of interaction.

Anyway the lady smiled back, lifted her arms up and open into the gesture of a hug and proceeded to walk towards me. I was in a bit of shock and felt my guard go up a little but told myself to relax and just go with it. Anyway I heard the words “Do you want a hug?” come out of my mouth and then I too lifted up my arms wrapped them around her. It was quite a long hug during which she told me she loved me, and then kissed me on the neck. We then drew apart and simply went our separate ways.

What a strange but beautiful experience it was.  I actually got goose bumps as I walked away from her. I didn’t know what to think of it… and I still don’t, but it was good.

The reactions I got form other people on my walk that night we nowhere near as intimate, in fact some people did not even look at me.

How do you interact with those around you?

Are you conscious of you energy?

Do you smile at strangers?

Is your body language open or closed?

Are you present? Or are you thinking of something in the past, or future?

Can you be spontaneous in the moment and just go with the flow?

For more information listen to Jason on the “Spreading Goodness” episode from the “Zero to Travel” podcast.

Or connect with me via email or commenting below.


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