Something shocking and sad I learned today on the Net

I could not believe it.

I was excited to hear in a recent podcast I was listening to that someone had written about cheap accommodation in other countries.

I made a mental note to look into it at a later date.

So when I got around to looking up the mentioned blog I found multiple pages with the same title. Very confusing. Having a look through them at first I was shocked that people would so blatantly just copy, paste and claim someone else’s work for their own. But sad at the same time that they must feel they cannot come up with their own ideas or do not have the time to do so.

I would be devastated if I found my work to be copied liked this. I am obviously new and naive to the online world and probably a lot of what goes on in there.

The frustrating thing was that due to all of the plagiarised copies I had a lot of trouble finding the original. I don’t actual know if it did.

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