Homestay Brazil – week 2


It’s been a long time between posts! I’m now in Brazil and am loving it so far. My family are awesome and are going out of their way to show me Brazilian life and all the sites. I’m living about 20 minutes from Campinas. It has about a million people, and is one hour drive from Sao Paulo city (11 million people).

My Portugese study is coming along although I’m speaking English 95% of the time as my family are quite fluent already. The whole idea is for me to teach them so I have been talking English with them as much as possible.

There are a lot of new things, people and routines to get used to. I am just trying to relax, go with the flow and find my place amongst it all. My host bro leaves for NZ tomorrow and I am off to Rio on Thursday for Carnival! Woo hoo!

I have met some nice people. Mostly been hanging around the host parents, their family and friends as I don’t have transport and we live in a remote location a fair way out of town. There are plenty of buses once you get into Campinas so I might work on learning the system once I get back from Rio. Otherwise I can walk just about everywhere, except it’s pretty damn hot!

The house is in a beautiful spot on top of a hill surrounded by forest, and has a nice pool that I spent most of yesterday in. I’ll post pics soon.

It’s been flat out, since I’ve been here I’ve been to two funerals, two birthday parties, a carnival, fair, eaten out a heap, gone on a day trip to Sao Paulo markets and some tours to see what my host mum does for work. It’s been great.

Hope things are going well with you! Lots of love, Serina xx

One thought on “Homestay Brazil – week 2

  1. Doesn’t sound like work at all – the way it should be. You’re having a ball by the looks…and a funeral & birthday or three. bet the food’s good?


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