Spanish Homestay & Planning Fiji

Two days until I take off to Spain and I am feeling the usual mix of excitement and fear. It’s been fun at home for the last month catching up with family and friends. The weather is getting cool here though in South Australia so I’m feeling like it’s good time for me to move somewhere warmer. Five weeks was more than enough time to see everyone, stock up on my medical supplies, go to the doctors, the dentist etc and do a little forward planning for the year.

When I return to Australia in August and the end of winter it will still be quite cool so I’ve decided on and booked 5 weeks in Fiji. I’m finalising the accommodation and transport details but it’s mostly going to be a mixture of homestay and backpacker style accommodation using public transport where possible. Most of the small Fijan islands budget accommodation options which look very cheap at first glance have a compulsory meal package attached to them which often costs more than the accommodation. I’ve gone ahead with a couple anyway.

I am not sure how I’ll go with the backpacker style living for nearly 5 weeks straight but I’m up for the challenge. I can always treat myself to a hotel if it gets to be too much to handle.

As far as the Spanish homestay trip prep goes with two days to go I’m feeling comfortable. Following a mates mishap in Brazil I decided to get a backup Citibank debit card which arrived today. Rather than fall back on other cards with higher fees my backup will now be just as good as my main one should it get stolen or misplaced.

Got any tips for Fiji?


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