Holy moly I’m in Spain! I landed here on May 26th 2016, and flew from Adelaide, Australia via Doha spending several hours at the Qatar International airport. It’s the second time I have been to that airport. The art is amazing and it’s worth seeing the city too by taking the free day trip they offer if you ever get the chance.

I nearly missed my connecting flight to Madrid, and probably would have if I hadn’t asked the attendants to hold the plane and then run to the gate. Missing my flight was not the first impression I wanted to make to my new host family.

There was hardly anyone on the plane so I watched a few movies, and sleep like most of the other passengers.

My first impressions of Madrid were that it has an excellent metro system, loads of interesting cafes and bars, long winding cobblestoned streets, and plenty of greenery. During my explorations I have heard languages from all around the world and Spanish of course which my ear is slowing becoming attuned to. The people have been very friendly and helpful.

Beer is cheaper than water at EUR 1.5 for a small glass (cana), or EUR 1 with some free tapas if you are lucky or find a special. The weather is cooler than I was expecting but it looks like it will be heating up next week.

I love walking the streets of the city and surroundings either by taking random routes, getting lost, and finding my way again, or by trying to follow the lonely planet and other self-guided tours and recommendations. It feels great to be able to do things at my own pace rather than on a booked tour or with a time limit on how long I have to stay in one place. I’ve enjoyed stopping to admire a beautiful building, square or park, rest, check out an interesting café or bar, people watch, take photos, or study Spanish along the way.

Until next week,

Serina xx


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