Mobile Post

This is my first attempt at a post from my mobile phone. If I can manage this it may make regular posting a lot more realistic.



River Murray South Australia. Home sweet home.

Yes! I’m loving this. I’m able to add pictures straight from my phone.



Home for two Months

I’ve been back from Fiji for two and half weeks. I am working for my parents company. Straight back into the 8am to 5pm routine complete with packed sandwich lunches. I feel exhausted but am grateful for the work. I’ve got two months to catch up with everyone, finish planning my next adventure and earn some travel money. Argentina is the next destination. I leave on January 10th.

I booked the Argentina accommodation before I left for Fiji. I┬áhave a lonely planet but haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do there yet. I won’t be teaching English this trip.

I want to write and post more but feel like a bit of a failure saying it to anyone anymore including myself given how little of it I have actually done over the last year. It seems ridiculous how something so simple has been so difficult.

Anyway I’ll be in Buenos Aires for two months and Foz de Iguazu for one.