Dream List

Inspired by the book 100 Things by Sebastian Terry

This list is ever growing and changing. I would love you hear your comments and suggestions. What are you are dreaming of? What dreams have you made come true? What have you failed at?

  1. Stonehenge
  1. Great wall of china
  1. Dolphins fluorescing the water

Read about plankton in the water in Thailand & night snorkelling with it.

My friend Kirsty also saw this when sailing in Burma

  1. Catacombs of kom el
  1. Hagia Sophia – Istanbul turkey

DONE 19th July 2012

  1. Leaning tower of Pisa
  1. Great pyramids of Giza
  1. Hanging gardens of Babylon, Al Hillah, Babil province, Iraq
  1. Matchu pichu
  1. Laos’ river of Booze & Tubes – vang vieng

Planning: maybe with Rich, Marianne, Rich & Jen, Combine with a cruise?

Consider combining this with #17 – Stay in a Penthouse

  1. Canter on a horse on a beautiful white beach. Broom or Pt D.

DONE – 21st June 2012, Gilli T, Bali

  1. Swim with whale sharks

DONE – 20th Feb 2015 with Kirsty in Donsol, Philippines!

  1. Night dive with hammerhead sharks – saw this in a mag recently – the national geographic animal encounter holidays
  1. Swim with manta rays. Nusa Lembogan, or Caribbean Might happen in Philippines –

NEARLY DONE – there were manta rays with the whale sharks but they were quite far away, also the planned dive with them got cancelled due to rough weather 20st Feb 2015

  1. Get married in Vegas

Planning: To who??!! 😉

  1. Fly somewhere first class-

NEARLY DONE – 14th July 2012, flew business to Istanbul (there was no 1st class option)

  1. Stay in the penthouse of a fancy hotel
  1. Skydive – booked for 23rd Nov 2014 Redcliffe beach QLD – Cancelled Need to follow this up.

DONE – on 3rd attempt – 27th June 2015 at Redcliffe. Tandem jump with Phil

Sky Dive

Sky Dive Open Chute


  1. Write a book – Nonno’s recipes? The family business story? Property? Autobiography – site work/travel Autoimmune? Mining as a girl?
  1. Byron Bay Blues Festival – next festival is 2nd to 6th April 2015
  1. Fly a helicopter
  1. Have a big night out in Amsterdam
  1. Have a huge dress up party
  1. Petra, jordan
  1. See U2 live – next tour 2015
  1. Go to the moon

Richard Branson – $200,000 to space

  1. Meet Jason Statham
  1. Watch running with the bulls

Planning: 6th to 14th July

  1. Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

DONE: Feb 2016

  1. Tomatina tomato fight

Planning: Bunol – Near Valencia, Spain, Limited no’s & must but a ticket $10E Aug 26th 2015 Aug 30th 2016

Failed: Lived in Spain 3 months but just missed the date – flew home before the 30th.

  1. I’l Palio di sienna
  1. Watch the soccer world cup live
  1. Get a tattoo from Miami ink or LA Ink

Planning: Elements – water wind Jap Symbols – live laugh love learn Peacock? Beautiful colourful feathers, seahorse? Whale shark & small diver, Jump & your wings will follow, Live, love & be happy

  1. Go to prison rodeo, Louisiana State Penitentiary USA
  1. Do aid work for a year somewhere (or work for free for a yr)

Planning: Cambodia? With the lady who takes in orphan children. Maybe do office work or other for her.

  1. Spend a week with Japanese monks meditating
  1. Bungee jump

DONE: 20th June 2015

Bungy Jump

Skydive platform

skydive Jump

  1. Put a $1000 on black
  1. Get my motorbike license and ride the best bike track in the world.
  1. Similar to #40 but with a nice car
  1. Hot air balloon ride – DONE  Cappadocia, Turkey 31st July 2012
  1. Gay mardi gras in Sydney – March 2015??
  1. Learn Italian
  1. Internet dating &/or speed dating

DONE – Tinder & Zoosk 2015/16

45.1 Find a partner to travel the world and have many other amazing journeys with.

A beautiful relationship with a man who is kind, loving, inspirational, great in bed, & who respects and is inspired by me.

  1. See Dubai in 2016
  1. Cadbury Chocolate Factory tour Tazzie, Australia.
  1. Lindt chocolate factory tour, Switzerland??
  1. Go somewhere without a plan… or guide –

DONE – Philippines 2013 w Kirsty (I read the lonely planet tho…. scardy cat!)

  1. Visit island Mustique
  1. PNG – Tropical Experience Tour 5 nights 1300 370 792 $3169 per person book by 30 march.

51.1 Watch a NZ war dance live – DONE at the David Wood Amplified Leadership 5 day event May 2015 with Rich Parry

  1. Surf or wakeboard the river wave
  1. See a show in Vegas
  1. Say sorry to Seb – DONE 11th March 2012
  1. Oktoberfest

Planning: With Marianne in 2015! 😀

  1. Dancing in the rain

DONE – in the Philippines – at the cliff jumping place in Boracay Sept 2013 w Kirsty Prowse

  1. See Mt Fuji in real life.


Failed: Tried but did not see it July 2013 -during 1 week stay in Tokyo

  1. Swim in the dead sea
  1. Burning man festival

Planning: When & where is it?? US and Australia

  1. Pub crawl in Ireland
  1. Go on a blind date
  1. Stay in a health retreat for a week – did 1 night in May 2014 w mum at Willunga SA
  1. Do a beauty course – hair makeup, fashion
  1. Do a speech course
  1. Naturopathy course- aromatherapy (2 day course Brissy – check web page again the June 2014 for dates)
  1. Watch a NASA shuttle launch
  1. Cairns – The Atherton Tableland, Highlander Food Trail. Sunlover Holidays 131833 food trail tour. Great Barrier Reef Tour (separate)
  1. Cattle droving – Harry Redford Cattle Drive, QLD Outback. Redford Trail Aramac $330 per day. Harryredford.com
  1. Mile high club
  1. Work for Lonely Planet, or Gourmet Traveller , intrepid, or George.

70.1 Run my own successful travel business which generates $100k profit per year. Helps ppl connect, travel with meaning, charity work along the way. Food / experience reviews of all sorts. Help people + self development, + connection, life dream building, activities plus travel, uncomfortable times, tests, perfect for discovering yourself & another country, & happiness. Time to think. Experience life. Experimentation.

  1. Hot laps in a race car!

Planning: $200 for 5 laps – deals.com

  1. See the bungle bungles
  1. See aurora Australis (southern lights).

Planning: In the process of booking – Northern Lights in Norway Trip in August

  1. Perhentian islands southeast Asia beach escape, with world class diving. Malaysia
  1. Solomon islands. View Rano Bingaloo in sleepy village Hambere Solomon airlines
  1. Sail the worlds most beautiful waters and beaches at the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
  1. Tiny town of Pontocho Japan for geisha spotting. & Go back to Kanazawa. Kenrokuen, Asagawa, Saigawa, town, uni etc. Maybe with Belinda.
  1. Louisiade Islands PNG take a boat east from Milne Bay 26000km of tiny islands and Pacific Blue
  1. Ko Chang (Elephant Island) 5 hr drive east of Bangkok in Thailand.
  1. Gilli Gede secluded beach good snorkelling –

DONE June 2012 & the cliff top surf place in Lombok ‘Heaven on Earth’, Lombok Researched this but it ended up sounding like a rip off. Stayed at a different place saw southern Lombok. Beautiful!

  1. Coachella Festival – California USA

Planning: 2015 – April 10th to 19th

Disclosure – “latch!”

Music festival – huge! Gotye, girl talk, Moby, goes for 3 days. Calvin Harris in April 2012

  1. Otway fly, Otway national
  1. WA – walking and water hole area (need to look up more details)
  1. Mayfield – beautiful garden Oberon, NSW
  1. Guam 4 scuba diving above PNG like Japan and America mix culture.

Research: fly via bris or syd

  1. Own 10 properties – started! May 2014 course Destiny! 🙂 Signed up to Nhan Nyugen March 2015 Signed up to Jane Slack Smith – Dec 2014
  1. Earn at least $500k passive income per annum and have net worth over $10M by Dec 2017. Be financially free.

Planning: Calculate how much I need to live free. Depends on the location (Australia)

Rent $500/wk, Elec, Water, Insurance, Food $200/wk, Medical $100/wk, Fun $200/wk, Total $1000/wk $52000/yr after tax, $75k at least

  1. Oil Painting
  1. Meet Robert Kiyosaki and go to one of his courses
  1. Meet author of how to win friends & influence people – Dale Carnegie
  1. Meet the author of 100 Things – Sebastian Terry
  1. Watch a surf comp
  1. Dinner degustation at a Michelin star restaurant
  1. Kakadu national park – see Jim Jim falls

DONE 20th April 2012 by helicopter!!

  1. See baby turtles hatching and going into the ocean green sea turtles. Rain island ray island less than 1km long great barrier reef 5000 turtles at any one time. 26000 last yr
  1. Croatia – Recommended by friends and family. Gradltz, brist, split – the old city (in 2014 call Gavin doing a big yacht cruise)
  2. Work on an oil rig
  1. Live on a sailing boat for a month
  1. Swim w jelly fish micro neasia. Palau. Located about Indonesia. Not that easy to get to from Australia – 33hrs or something
  1. See sharks breaching to eat seals in South Africa. & The killer whales which do the same thing.

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